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Improve your visitor experience!
Peercore Visitor Management Solution (VMS) is a unique and super fast way to keep record of all visitors that come to your organization and workplace, regardless of who it may be and what their purpose for visiting is. The system is a replacement and a value addition to your manual visitor logbook.
Peercore Visitor Management Solution keeps track of the visitors by registering their basic information and capturing digital snapshots for easy identification. Information recorded in the system is used to print out a visitor badge or a pass immediately for the visitor. If the visitor comes back to the premises on a later date, printing the visitor pass takes half the time as the kiosk securely saves the visitor data captured at the first visit. The visitor management system is a highly sophisticated solution in overall with advanced features.
Peercore VMS uses the state of the art technology and incorporates finger print scanners and barcode readers to track the movement of the visitors around your office complex, factory or the school.
The Visitor pass can be used as an access control mechanism for large premises. Thus, the Peercore Visitor Management System can also be utilised to make your office, school, bank, university or the factory environment more safe and secure. The Dashboard Module of the system enables the management or any other authorised personnel in the premises to access dynamic visitor data presented in an interactive graphical user interface. In another words, Peercore Visitor Management lets you know the exact location of your visitors at any given time. The employees in an organisation can interact with the system through varied communication methods such as text messages and e-mail to receive notifications of visitor arrivals, their purpose of visit and check whether the visitor has a prior approval to enter the premises.
Peercore Visitor Management System was initially deployed during the Sri Lanka EXPO 2012, which saw over 2,000 foreign and local delegates visiting the three day exhibition. Eliminating long queues, the system swiftly processed all the delegates to the EXPO Exhibition and provided accurate details of the visitors to the EXPO organisers. Peercore Visitor Management has thus proven to be extremely successful in the event management sector leading to events and functions being handled in a methodical and efficient way whilst customer satisfaction is upheld. 
The application also supports mobile devices running on Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android. The system is completely localised to meet Sri Lankan standards including multi-language support and is designed and developed entirely by the local development team at Peercore IT's Development Centre at the World Trade Center in Colombo.
An extremely flexible system, evolving rapidly even though it is a young product in the company, Peercore Visitor Management has shown great promise for the future.

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