Transport Management Solution


Peercore Transport Management System [TMS] is a modern, next generation transportand logistics solution built to support theglobal needs of the transportation industry.

Designed with the industry’s best practices to optimise your Return On Investment, Peercore TMS consolidates a comprehensive end-to-end transport planning solution, right from job entry to route and fleet planning, cost management and freight tracking.

Key Functions:

  • Defines the mode of transportation – Road / Sea
  • Defines the type of transportation – Truck / Vessel
  • Identifies the transportation connection points
  • Defines transportation zones
  • Creates transportation groups – Pallets / Containers

Key Modules :

TMS diagram


These three modules can be used as stand-alone modules if your requirement lies with a specific mode of transportation, or could be integrated if your dealings are with making deliveries that are to betransported via multiple modes of transportation.

Key Features :

  • Quotation and pricing via the use of advanced rate engines
  • Real-time tracking of individual items
  • Intelligent fleet planning
  • Smart Device Connectivity
  • Optimsation and configuration capability
  • Extreme flexibility
  • User-friendly Graphical User Interface [GUI]
  • Easy to setup, to learn and to adapt


Key Benefits :

  • Increase efficiency and productivity in daily operations
  • Cost reduction via carrier selection compliance and optimisation
  • Improves customer service via consistentreliable and on-time delivery.
  • Complete visibility.
  • Centralisation of control.
  • Standardisation of processes.
  • Facilities better decision making via the use of automated tools

Being built with cutting-edge technology with real-time information, the software is also designed to integrate with mobile and internet applications to provide further leading-edge tools to improve productivity and customer service.


Peercore TMS - Logistics

Key Modules :

  • Consignment Entry - Capacity to enter variable job profiles
  • Customer Web Based Portal - Capacity to enter job profiles and print item labels via the internet
  • Job Entry - Ability to enter the data required to transport a commodity between two destinations
  • Fleet Planner - Facilitates the optimized use of transport resources
  • Electronic Manifest - Capacity to generate paperless run schedules and forward to mobile devices
  • Container Loading - Capacity to monitor and control
  • Container loading and unloading via a graphical interface
  • Rating Engine - Controls the allocation of cost and pricing information from a central rating repository.
  • Supports price break slabs.
  • Multiple Location - Facilitates planning across multiple depots
  • Consignment Tracking – Via the use of barcode technology


Key Features :

  • Extensive options for Client Management, including multiple contact details and billing preferences
  • Extensive Rate Card Setup
  • Options to allow multiple tariffs,
  • Customer and supplier pricing and fuel levy surcharges
  • Advanced Job Booking Module, including Job Templates and Auto Legging
  • Highly Graphical Transport Diary
  • incorporating the status of each job, delays and hazardous indicators
  • Automated E-mail Notification System to notify clients of any delays or extra
  • charges to their jobs
  • A highly configurable Billing System capable of extensive tariff management, multiple currencies and
  • tax rate assignments
  • Extensive Report Generation
  • capabilities incorporating operational, management and KPI reports
  • Mobile Touch Screen feature
  • providing all drivers with their daily run sheets, customer contact details and allows GPS Monitoring by the
  • Office Allocators
  • Driver Management and Monitoring
  • Feature including Fatigue Management
  • Web Based Application (Portal) for customer access to various modules including Truck, Trailer, Container
  • Availability Reports, and Job Status and Progress Reports
  • Capacity to integrate with our Ancillary Modules, such as CRM /
  • Warehousing and Maintenance
  • Assigns Service Agents, Modes of Transport and Shipment Types
  • Plans and Monitors Deadlines
  • Records Shipment Related Text /Documents
  • Estimates Freight Cost

Key Benefits :

  • Freight Tracking - End-to-end tracking via the web portal and mobile devices
  • Navigation - Google maps integration for easy location identification and route planning
  • Sign on Glass - POD on mobile devices
  • Customisable Diary Planner - Full visibility of current and future jobs
  • Multiple Zoning Capability - Facilitates Customer and Supplier specific zoning
  • Pallet Tracking - specific to each customers’ requirements

Peercore TMS - Shipping

Key Modules :

  • Booking Entry - Facilitates customized booking entry screens as per customer preference and requirements.
  • Alternate vessel schedules can be viewed when options are to be considered.
  • Vessel Scheduling - Facilitates the scheduling of vessels and ports. Vessel scheduling can be customized as per customer preference.
  • Booking Planning - Facilitates proper planning and handling of freight.
  • Gate Check In/Out and Yard Allocation - Aids in monitoring all inventory that comes in and leaves the port, and in allocating specific zones and managing all inventory within the yard.
  • Stowage Planning - Facilitates proper loading of the vessels.
  • Invoicing - Generates invoices for each booking.
  • Manifesting - When stowage planning is initiated, an automated manifest will be generated for reference
  • purposes.

Key Benefits :

  • The search facility and ease of navigation enhances the visibility of all shipping activities of the transportation chain
  • Ability to access centralized customer information
  • Ability to extend visibility to customers with self-serve and data exchange capabilities.
  • Facilitates decision-making, analysis and corporate planning with the provision of real time information
  • Use of low cost communication channels, such as EDI and Internet Portals to automatically and proactively send information to customers.
  • Ability to track shipments to identify service failures, so as to improve the visibility of the overall transportation chain.


Streamlines, Optimizes, Automates and Simplifies your Yard Transactions…

  • Provides real-time information and complete visibility of yard assets and yard security, and of shipments from the point of arrival at the gate, to the point of departure.
  • Increases the productivity of yard drivers and dock workers, and provides maximum efficiency via having full control over yard equipment.
  • Reduces yard congestion.
  • Simplifies the management of yard transactions via a Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Real-time asset management capabilities for the tracking of shipments, trailers and other equipments.
  • Ability to streamline the workflow and reduce wait-time and delays via the system’s dynamic scheduling capabilities.
  • Optimises yard efficiency via managing the flow of all inbound and outbound goods.
  • Communication via text messages to minimise time consumption and error-prone communication.