Application Development

Web Applications

The web has been embraced by countless organisations, over the past decade, as an economical channel for communication and the exchange of information with customers. Thus many organisations turn to Web Applications.
Web Applications are custom applications which utilise the web to accomplish several tasks via the web browser. They are designed specifically for the needs of the organisation, making web applications unique with the convenience of not having to install the software on each computer. It is merely a matter of logging in and using the application from anywhere.
Regardless of the operating system and browser used by the customer, Web Applications can function without any hesitance. They can also be deployed anywhere at no cost with little or no installation on the customer's environment.
As several more organisations reap from the benefits of conducting business over the web the use of web applications will also continue to grow and become part of an organisation's communication infrastructure and improving their technological ability and complexity.
With Peercore Nexgen, we assure you that you can get a:
  • Fully functional and user friendly web application to match your organisation's requirements and expectations.
  • Smart and open application architecture for high solution productivity and scalability.  
  • High application maintainability will aid in reducing the total cost of ownership. 
  • Full control and transparency of the development process backed with seamless communication. 
  • Deployment, stabilisation and continuous support & maintenance of the delivered application.

Peercore Nexgen helps you uncover the prospects of growth and innovation by developing bleeding edge web applications that embraces evolving market trends and creates new opportunities for your business.


Website & Mobile Website

The current economy encourages a natural inclination to tighten belts and avoid extra expenditures. But as markets shrink, it is even more important for businesses to attract new businesses and retain current customers. Thus, organisations look for the most cost effective method, a well-designed, SEO, Search Engine Optimisation compatible Website with the ultimate user experience.
Apart from fulfilling the public's expectations, a website can also help a business increase profits. A website with a properly defined Search Engine Marketing strategy by Peercore can help achieve this. Increasingly, people search the web rather than the yellow pages when looking for a service or product. Statistics show that more than 80% of people will click on one of the first three links that appear in their search engine results. But, if your organisation is not represented online, they will find your competitor's. With the use of correct keywords, Peercore can use SEO to bring your business to the top of the search engine rankings and therefore, attract this large amount of traffic.
With the growth in the usage of mobile phones, trends are changing, where a normal website can no longer satisfy the users' needs and that it is a necessity for organisations to be available on the mobile phone via mobile websites in order to address the mobile revolution.
The availability of the internet browser on the mobile device has resulted in users to carry out their basic browsing on a smartphone expecting the desktop browser experience to be replicated onto their smartphone. Also the convenience of the device being, always on and always available, and the inclusion of touch and gestures have opened up several new possibilities that weren't feasible on desktop sites. It has also played a huge role in the changing user expectations.
Simply having the content and the ability of mobility is not enough on its own, organisations should focus on providing content that is directly useful to a mobile user and take into account the differences in device characteristics and the relevant user experience. While a mobile website by Negete is a good start for any organisation, a Mobile App will be an ideal mobile solution with better user experience if the need exists.
At Peercore, we can help increase and expand your reach via a well-designed, Search Engine Optimised website and mobile website. We bear in mind your users behaviours and expectations and tailor make the sites to suit their requirements.

Mobile Apps 

The application revolution is here. The on-going explosion in mobile applications is a phenomenon that few may have predicted several years ago. Now mobile applications have become greatly used in the fields of sales & marketing, finance, gaming, productivity, lifestyle and social networking as one of the primary ways that people communicate, shop, organise their lives, play, and work. Its empowerment avails its users. Consequently, organisations need to keep up with this pace and invest in mobile presence as users look for seamless access, with which Peercore Nexgen can help you.
The application market has been mostly motivated by the development of the greater application ecosystem that has grown over the years but it was Apple's App Store that catapulted the applications market resulting in the hype for the development of the other app stores. Thus, decisions on purchasing mobile phones also included the app store. Over the years, users began to show willingness to pay for apps and games which lead to the dramatically improved quality.
The advent of the app store has created many millionaire entrepreneurs within months by turning their idea into an app. Organisations are also increasingly capitalising on the power of smartphones through mobile apps to increase their brand loyalty (through improved customer engagements), employee productivity and organisational reporting effectiveness.
We at Peercore Nexgen can help you harness the advantages of mobility with our experience and expertise in developing customer-centric and highly interactive mobile applications across diverse platforms using the latest technologies with minimal investment. Mobile platforms include iOS, Android, Windows® and BlackBerry®.

Peercore engages with our clients from the stage of conceptualisation, helping them to develop their Mobile Strategy and deliver applications assuring rich functionalities, reliability and the ultimate user experience. Our passion is to make our clients succeed.