Business Process Consulting

Over the last two decades, our consultants and software systems have played a significant role in delivering outstanding results, generating significant profitable outcomes, increasing business efficiency and providing transparent beneficial visibility for all our valued customers. Many of whom we have formed partnerships with for long periods of time, up until this day. In synergising this acumen we have carved out a niche in providing specialised business process consulting in the business vertical we are present in. These include providing advisory service in the following areas.

  • Business process review
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Pre and post implementation consulting

A seamless integration of software systems and processes is a key success factor of an organization to execute its operations efficiently. Increasing cost of software maintenance, inefficiencies in internal processes and requirement to use state of the art products/technologies would trigger process re-engineering requests.  Peercore with its product catalog, IT expertise and 20+ years experience in software engineering will be an ideal partner in this circumstance.





Peercore's re-engineering services:

  • Follow a structured and proven approach to facilitate customer requirement and deliver high quality out come.
  • Services include detailed assessment, planning, migration, testing and production support of applications.
  • Offers award winning product stack that combine with years of success stories.