Peercore Field Information Management System



Peercore FIMS provides GPS/GSM based Real Time Automatic Vehicle Location & Tracking solutions to assist companies manage their vehicles and assets. The comprehensive web based solutions integrate all 3 core elements of AVL solutions namely Location, Tracking & Security.

Vehicle tracking and Fleet management assists you to:

• Monitor your fleet
• Utilise your assets properly to increase productivity
• Reduce your operational costs.

This is an opportunity to fundamentally change the way you do your business, Irrespective of whether your fleet is small or large. Vehicle tracking and Fleet management will help your company to work smarter providing competitive advantage in a challenging world.

Fleet costs can be reduced by monitoring valuable information including speed, fuel consumption, irregular use of vehicles, under-utilisation of vehicles, driver behaviour and logistical inefficiencies.

Peercore FIMS uses industry leading web technologies and cutting-edge hardware design to bring you the highest quality of vehicle tracking, digital mapping, alerts, route scheduling, enhanced security and reporting.

Key Features:


• Vehicle Tracking
•  Digital Mapping
•  Enhanced Security
•  Temperature Sensing
•  Fuel Sensing
•  Notification & Alerts
•  Graphical Dashboard
•  Driver inputs
•  An integrated offering of GPS hardware and software
•  A fully hosted solution requiring no software installation
•  Real Time Position Information
•  Sensor Integration
•  Geozones & Custom Landmarks




•  Comprehensive Asset Tracking
•  Maximise Productivity
•  Improved Customer Service
•  Decreased Overtime Costs
•  Increased ROI from your Assets
•  Enhanced Vehicle & Driver Safety
•  Reduced Operational Costs




• Accurate dispatch of information Real time tracking of time sensitive deliveries
• Delivery of goods at the right time
• Facilitates efficient and timely task allocation and route planning
• Identifying and overcoming logistical inefficiencies
• Monitoring events like idle time, and much more
• Monitoring driver behavior
• Vehicle violation alarms
• Panic button to alert the fleet manager during emergencies
• Real time notification alerts through email and SMS
• Facilitates fleet maintenance scheduling
• Keeping track of breakdowns of & unplanned maintenance on vehicles
• Intelligent reports


Service Model:


Peercore FIMS provides a cloud computing solution where you will not require IT infrastructure and IT staff of your own to deploy the Vehicle tracking and Fleet management solution. You will be given total access to the software application which will be run on the Peercore servers on first class cloud infrastructure with the necessary security features. This will enable rapid deployment of the Vehicle tracking solution and reduce capital and overhead costs.

Peercore FIMS combines the cloud solution with a monthly payment option for service fees with no upfront costs facilitating the use of this vital technology for smart fleet management for efficient organisations which have budget constraints.

Integrated solutions with extensive customisation can be provided by Peercore on a monthly payment option.


Technical Specifications:


• Intelligent Device
• Data Integrity
• I/O Ports
• Low Power Mode
• Compact Design
• Flexible third party hardware integration
• Flexible third party software integration
• LED Indicator


• Position accuracy +/- 5 meters
• Quad Band Support 850, 900,1800, 1900Mhz
• Hardware GPRS class 10 capable
• Internal SIM interface


Environment Conditions

• Operating Temperature: - 30°C to +70°C
• Storage Temperature: - 40°C to +85°C

Application Interface