Knowledge  Management 


The Solution


Peercore Knowledge Management System is a solution that can provide a complete virtual learning environment to your staff or students with minimal infrastructure investment and turnaround time. The Peercore KMS is provided as a cloud based application, which relieves you from the capital expenditure, effort and responsibility of setting up and maintaining a solution for your learners and students.

It can also be provided on a perpetual license model, in which case the responsibility of hosting and managing the product remain with the client. In either case, the entire solution will be branded as specified by the customer with administrative access being provided to designated personnel for complete control of the solution.


Peercore KMS allows any customer to pick and choose the features they would like to provide to their end users. The value is it doesn't require you to spend time setting up a solution. Your learners don’t have to spend time learning how to use complicated software either and can start learning and interacting via an interface that's as fun and easy to use as their favorite social networking site.

Additional functionality such as a module which maintains a single consolidated record of all academic and professional achievements over a period of time to provide a single point of reference for educators regarding a students learning history, a social learning module for informal learning and the option to extend the learning environment to the mobile phone for alerts and short video based courses are also available and can be included within the custom 'Peercore KMS Cloud' assembled for your institute or organisation.


Peercore KMS makes optimal use of their existing resources such as lecturers and training material, while assisting learners who may not be able to otherwise reach the best education providers due to constraints of time and distance do so via just a browser.


With the collaborative features, multi-device access and responsive UI, the Peercore KMS, developed as a cloud based solution leveraging on out proven e-Learning and Social Learning platform, brings Web 2.0 features to e-Learning, and will help you to reach the entire country and beyond! Peercore KMS consists of a bundling of functional modules, which together provide a comprehensive virtual learning environment. Peercore KMS features a complete Virtual Environment where not only The Academic Component of an Educational institute is managed, but also the Administrative component of it as well.


A cloud based e-Learning platform to facilitate online training administration, delivery and reporting.


Features include:


  • Multiple tenants/portals – customizable portals for each customer.
  • Self/offline Registration – via HRIS and Excel/CSV batch upload.
  • Responsive e-Learning – multi device support.
  • Public/private Training Catalog.
  • Training administration & progress tracking
  • Live learning (integration with MS Lync, WebEx, Adobe Connect)
  • Online Examinations & Certifications
  • Reporting & Aanalytic
  • Payment gateway integration.

EduPrep: e-Content Services


  • Training Analysis
  • Content Analysis and Instructional Design
  • Design and Develop Multi Lingual e-Learning Content Supplement with:
  1. Graphics
  2. Animations
  3. Voice Tracks
  4. Simulations
  5. Videos
  • Our e-Learning courses conform to global standards (SCORM/AICC)
  • EduPrep Services enhances scalability and usability of training courses
  • Account Management and Project management (PM) to meet client mandates