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The CRM Built for the Food Industry.

Special Features to Suit the Needs of the Food Industry

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Peercore Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) is Industry-specific and native to the unique requirements of the Food Distribution Industry.

Whether your food company is large, small or medium-sized, Peercore CRM can be a key enabler in the success of retaining and growing a strong customer base. This solution understands the flow of product from the distributor to the specific requirements of the end customer, whether it is a small retail store, a hospital or a food manufacturing company.

We can help you reach your sales target, get more insights about your business, stay ahead of your competitors, and provide much better customer service.

The system also provides the sales team with information on most likely “next customer to order” information highlighting orders which may be delayed and require follow-up.

Peercore CRM Features

Lead Generation & Customer Retention

Peercore CRM not only assists in maintaining a detailed listing of leads and prospects to obtain new business but also understands the importance of customer retention. Consequently, it has inbuilt processes to measure and facilitate excellent customer service.

Manage Customers Through the Different Stages of the Sales Funnel

The progress of leads and opportunities are managed via a pipeline function in the CRM, from the initial lead stage through to full-blown customers. All the information is processed online providing the potential customer with a seamless and private experience.

Multi-Level Database & Sales History

Peercore CRM allows you to store data for Distributors and End-users, providing an extended view of your customer network. The access to immediate and dynamic sales history provides you with an expanded 360 view of not only your customer’s but also your suppliers, and it can be extended to include profitability by customer, supplier and product.

Supplier Profiles

Peercore understands the importance of Supplier Profiles not only to your business but also to your customers who look to the extended supply chain to ensure continuity of key components. Business Intelligence links to your ERP or and/or Accounting System provides you with access to key customer information from within the CRM. As a result, you can see information such as sales history, customer and product profitability, contribution of supplier to profitability, supplier performance, inventory levels & more.

Quality Control and Standard Variations Alert

Customer Service in the Food Industry is about providing the right products and services in the right condition and quality, at the right time. Any deviations from these standards are reported in the CRM as a variation for communication with the customer. Therefore, it is important for the CRM to have links to other subsystems including your Accounting System, Delivery Management System, Quality System and Credit Claims.

End-User Data

In order to go from pushing products onto the market to pulling the products that the customers demand, you require significant customer information gathering which can be facilitated by Peercore CRM. Without a good CRM it is not possible to identify market needs and demand levels and provide outstanding customer service. With Peercore, not only you can do this, but also you are the masters of your sales and marketing strategy.

Key Performance Indicators

What you can’t measure you can't manage, get instant access to Key Performance Indicators such as outstanding quotations, marketing campaigns, product inventory levels, delivery performance, stopped trading alerts and sales history.

Seamlessly Integration

Peercore CRM seamlessly integrates with other products such as mSalesApp, Warehousing and Delivery Manager Applications, providing a 360 view of the customer.