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mSalesApp, Empowering to be Your Best

The ‘mSalesApp’ is a powerful Sales Force Automation tool built on mobile and cloud technology. It is designed to be the Sales Rep’s best companion and facilitate the Rep with the information they require to complete a sales call effectively and efficiently.

mSalesApp comes with the best user experience in the market and is therefore loved by its users. Our customers have seen significant impact in their businesses; reducing time spent on orders, increasing daily sales, and most importantly, increasing profits.

Why Choose Peercore Cloud.

Peercore Cloud Features

Order Taking

The mSalesApp simplifies and streamlines the process of order taking and invoicing.

Lead Management

This empowers sales representatives to visit customers and seamlessly add leads while on the go.

Product Catalogue

This feature enables you to provide detailed information, images, pricing, and specifications for each product, facilitating effective sales presentations.

Custom pricing and promotions

Create multiple pricing groups, customer-specific pricing, tailor catalogues, and apply discounts and promotions specific to customers.

Pantry List

It enables you to recommend the most suitable product and suggest alternatives, thus optimising the sales process.

AI-Powered Sales Assistance

Leverage AI algorithms to receive personalized sales recommendations based on customer preferences, purchase history, and behaviour patterns.

Empowering Business Efficiency: the Path to Success

Unlock your business's full potential with Peercore Cloud. Empower efficiency, achieve remarkable results, and take full control of your operations.

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