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Simplify Your Digital Transformation with Peercore Cloud

Peercore Cloud, a robust cloud-based application designed specifically for the myriad of needs of the foodservice industry, Peercore Cloud allows businesses to enjoy a wide range of features from inventory management and custom pricing, to multiple warehouses and efficiencies across the board.

Why Choose Peercore Cloud.

Peercore Cloud Features

Master Data Management

Efficiently manage your business's master data with Peercore Cloud. Our robust platform allows you to centralize and provides a holistic view of your customer and sales data.

Intuitive Dashboard

Monitor sales figures, inventory levels, customer engagement, and other critical data to make informed business decisions swiftly and effectively.

Inventory Management

Gain real-time visibility into stock levels, track inventory movement, and streamline replenishment processes.

Order Control

From order creation to fulfilment and delivery, our platform provides end-to-end order control functionalities.

Procurement Management and Stock Receiving

Our platform offers robust procurement management features, allowing you to manage supplier relationships, track purchase orders, and streamline stock receiving processes.

AI Assistance

With your chosen AI agent Ben or Bella, make queries on your customer data using simple instructions and, with real-time inventory tracking, you'll instantly know exactly what products are in stock and what's selling fast.

Empowering Business Efficiency: the Path to Success

Unlock your business's full potential with Peercore Cloud. Empower efficiency, achieve remarkable results, and take full control of your operations.

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