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Supplier EDI

As a process automation solutions provider, Peercore can integrate Supplier EDI into its suite of offerings to streamline and optimize the procurement process for businesses. Here's how Peercore can relate to Supplier EDI in procurement:

EDI Integration: Peercore can seamlessly integrate EDI capabilities into its procurement automation solutions. This allows businesses to electronically exchange purchase orders, order acknowledgments, advanced shipping notices, and invoices with their suppliers.

Automated Procurement Workflows: With Supplier EDI integrated into Peercore's platform, the entire procurement process becomes automated and efficient. Purchase orders are electronically generated and transmitted to suppliers, leading to faster order processing and fulfillment.

Real-Time Updates and Visibility: Peercore's EDI integration provides real-time updates and visibility into the procurement process. Both buyers and suppliers can track order status, shipment details, and invoice processing, leading to improved collaboration and decision-making.

Supplier EDI
Landed Costing

Landed Costing

Peercore can offer an app-based solution to streamline and optimize the landed costing process in procurement. Here's how Peercore's app solution can relate to landed costing in procurement:

Comprehensive Cost Tracking: Peercore's app solution can capture and track all relevant cost elements involved in landed costing, including purchase price, freight and shipping charges, customs duties, insurance, handling fees, and more. This ensures that all costs are accounted for, providing a comprehensive view of the total landed cost.

Real-Time Data Integration: The app can seamlessly integrate with procurement systems, financial software, and other relevant data sources, allowing real-time data updates. This ensures that the landed cost calculations are accurate and up-to-date, even when there are changes in prices or fees.

Customizable Cost Categories: Peercore's app solution can offer customizable cost categories, enabling procurement teams to adapt the landed costing calculation to their specific requirements and industry standards.

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